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The face behind Atelier Laleo

Atelier Laleo is a small fashion brand based in the Netherlands. Behind the brand is me, Anouk. I run the brand and take care of all orders myself. Which means you will find me most of the time behind my sewing machine. 

For me clothes has always been a big part of how I express myself and my personality. From a young age I was obsessed with everything that has to do with fashion. During the years I worked in the fashion industry I got confronted with the amount of waste and overproduction of garments.

With Laleo I aim to create slow, ethical produced fashion. Working with the made-to-order concept is in my opinion a great way to minimize waste and prevent unwanted stocks.
Sharing my brand with you really feels like a dream come true. Every order means so much to me! Thank you for supporting my small business. I hope you enjoy your order as much as I enjoyed creating it.